• What is vitiligo?

    Vitiligo (pronounced vit-ill-EYE-go) is an unpredictable, generally progressive skin disease, which results in a loss of inherited skin color over the lifetime of the person. Vitiligo is a non-lethal, non-contagious disease and it does not cause any organic harm, but it has a devastating effec...

  • Famous Vitiligans

    Many celebrities have had to deal with having vitiligo while living in the public eye, maintaining a positive outlook, and having a successful career. Here are a few courageous famous people who face vitiligo in the public eye: Top model, Winnie Harlow (photo, right) from Toronto...

  • About

    World Vitiligo Day is an annual day specially dedicated to people with vitiligo. World Vitiligo Day Goals Steering Committee Famous Vitiligans About Vitiligo Over 100 million people suffer from vitiligo as a result of the ...

  • Campaign

    World Vitiligo Day is bigger and better than ever in 2015 and J.F.K’s famous quote - “A rising tide lifts all boats” – springs to mind. Across the world - from captivating Croatia on the Mediterranean coast to the online global state of Facebook - doctors and supporters...

  • Stories

    Personal stories shared by people with vitiligo and their family members. Please feel free to share your story, too. We are all here to help one another.

  • World map

    Vitiligo affects close to 100 million people worldwide, yet there is no cure in sight.  


Petition Letter

I support the petition to designate

June 25

as Vitiligo World Day and save millions of people worldwide from social isolation and persecution.

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We have collected 498177 signatures of the target 500000

News and Updates
Sydney Vitiligo Support Meeting Saturday 25th July Time: 2-4pm Address: 48 Harrow Rd, Stanmore 2048, Sydney Plea... Read more
A heavy box with more than 10,000 signed leaflets is on it's way from campaign headquarters in Shenyang (China) to our office. We will coun... Read more
Famous personalities, who suffer from vitiligo
Fez Whatley (Todd Hilliard), Talk radio host and comedian, who co-hosts The Ron and Fez Show.
And many others

June 25th is a significant date in the vitiligo calendar because it marks the passing date of Michael Jackson, the King Of Pop and a long-time vitiligo sufferer.


Firmly committed to curing Vitiligo, the VR Foundation is a non-profit organization funding and fast-tracking medical research globally. We challenge the disease of vitiligo with educational and medicinal enlightenment. We care; we educate; we advance knowledge. We are the VR Foundation.