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World Vitiligo Day 2013 marked a big year for vitiligo awareness and the World Vitiligo Campaign with unprecedented interest and support from around the World. Things were kicked off in Nigeria with a walk through Lagos where Vitiligans wearing WVD t-shirts had a great time spreading awareness and good will. The day itself was centered in Detroit at the Henry Ford Hospital's Dermatology Dept and, with the South East Michigan Vitiligo Support group, an event was held celebrating vitiligans and promoting vitiligo awareness. On Fox 2 morning TV in Detroit, Lee Thomas did a morning feature which included and interview with VRFoundation CEO Yan Valle. Similar events were held all over the World, From Italy to India, Kazakhstan to China and even as far afield as Australia. One of the highlights of the 2013 World Vitiligo Day was the WVD T-shirt challenge, made possible by the efforts of people all over the world who made their own World Vitiligo t-shirts, got out into the streets and took photos to really make a difference and spread real awareness. Events were organized by other support groups and a general sense of togetherness was built that transcended borders and made it a truly special day.

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Why Is It Important

There are a lot of people who don't want you to stand up for your rights and demand a cure. They say vitiligo is not life threatening and not contagious, and you must embrace a life of a pariah, hiding yourself from sunlight and from the society.

Vitiligo is an under-researched disease resulting in milky white skin patches on the skin. The breadth and complexity of the disease require international collaboration in therapy development. The severity of the disease calls for national healthcare support.

So, speak up for your condition and your rights. Sign the letter to tell the UN Secretary-General that you want recognition and support. It would be appreciated if you could give every member of your family or group an opportunity for signing.

Signatures count

We have collected 502815 signatures of the target 500000 (100.56%). Now let’s get 1 million signatures!


Firmly committed to curing Vitiligo, the VR Foundation is a non-profit organization funding and fast-tracking medical research globally. We challenge the disease of vitiligo with educational and medicinal enlightenment. We care; we educate; we advance knowledge. We are the VR Foundation.

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